Friday, January 22, 2010

AccuJazz Channels Available on the iPhone!

For those of you out there who are both AccuJazz fans and iPhone obsessives, it's like Christmas is happening again, a month later. The AccuRadio iPhone app is now available, and it includes all the AccuJazz channels you know and love. Go find it here. I've already gotten a lot of positive feedback from users on Twitter about the app, and I'm pretty sure that you're going to love it, too.

I, unfortunately, am not among the fortunate legions of iPhone owners. My phone is a little more low-tech, but I was able to poke around on the app using my boss' iPhone, and I'm very impressed with it. You start out with a list of available genres, within which you'll find Jazz as well as dozens of other options. AccuRadio does have over 400 channels, after all.

Once you select "Jazz," you'll be able to scroll through all of our channels, from "2010 Jazz Grammy Nominees" to "Women of Jazz" (listed alphabetically, not chauvinistically.) Click on a channel, and a song will start playing, complete with all pertinent info and the album cover art. Underneath the cover art you'll see a few icons dealing with customization features. You can "favorite" a channel, "deselect" artists that you don't want to hear, and pause and skip songs, just like when you listen on your computer.

I wish I had an iPhone so I could enjoy it all myself, but I'll be content for now to live vicariously through my iPhone-wielding listeners. Let me know how you like it, and, especially, if there are any glitches you notice or suggestions you'd like to make.

Happy listening! One more time, you can get the app right here.

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