Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Channel: Brazilian Jazz

You may have noticed the "Shoutbox" on the AccuJazz homepage. I get an encouraging amount of comments through that little thing. At times I even engage in a genuine conversation with a loyal listener through the 'box. Brazilian Jazz marks the first AccuJazz channel instigated completely by comments in the ShoutBox. Some contributors, including one very persistent individual, have been bugging me to create a Brazilian jazz channel for a long time. Despite other listeners pointing out that there's plenty of great Brazilian jazz on the existing Latin Jazz channel, these folks kept lobbying for Brazil.

I'm glad I followed through. The resulting channel is not merely a select few songs from our Latin channel that happend to have Brazilian rhythms. It's a new thing altogether. All the Brazilian-rooted music on the Latin channel is here, but I also went through AccuRadio's servers and found a lot of other relevant music that, up till now, has only been playing on the Latin format, Radio Preciso. Funnily enough, there's already a "Brazilian Jazz" channel there, but it's a definite misnomer; it's mostly Brazilian popular music, with a little bit of jazz and folkloric styles thrown in.

There was still a lot of good music over on the Radio Preciso channel that would help fill out my nascent AccuJazz project and add some stylistic diversity. So the new Brazilian Jazz channel includes a lot of jazz-tinged MPB (Musica Popular Brasileira) as well as some new jazz and bossa nova that wasn't on the Latin Jazz channel previously.

So, when you launch the channel, you'll hear everything from the classic Getz/Gilberto recordings to Dexter Gordon's hard bop bossa to the jazzier output of Caetano Veloso. Go ahead and listen, and then Shout at me about how much you like (or don't like) the channel!

Also, watch out for an all-Jobim composers channel in the coming weeks. If you don't know who Jobim is, listen to the Brazilian Jazz channel and just take a look at the "Composer" field in the media player. Chances are you'll find his name there sooner rather than later.

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