Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What's So Great About 2010?

By now, all of the critics and bloggers have spoken, and something close to a consensus has been reached about what was the best jazz released in 2010. If you're like most jazz fans, you probably bought a few new CDs in 2010 but still feel in the dark about most of the music being praised. Also, if you're like most jazz fans, you're probably curious to hear all that stuff you didn't have the time or money to acquire. That's where AccuJazz comes in and saves the day.

We've created a channel called, simply, "Best Jazz of 2010," for all of you curious listeners. The channel's programming is based on the Village Voice Jazz Critics Poll, regarded by many as the most definitive poll of its kind. VV critic Francis Davis asked 120 of his critic friends to make Top-10 lists. Each critic's number one pick received 10 points, their number two got nine points, and so on. When all of the points were added up, a master list was formed. You can check out the Top 50 here: Village Voice Jazz Poll.

The big winners were Jason Moran (the channel's posterboy on our homepage), Rudresh Mahanthappa and Mary Halvorson. Since they placed highest in the poll, you're likely to hear their music more often than, say, Pat Metheny's Orchestrion album, which placed 50th. Go give the channel a listen and see if you agree with the critics or not. What CDs were your favorites of 2010? Which ones did you think should have made the list but didn't?

You can also listen to my personal Best of 2010 channel, Staff Picks: 2010 Faves, which, to be honest, isn't all that different from the Village Voice-programmed channel. Still, there are plenty of CDs I loved that didn't make the VV list, and, likewise, CDs on the VV list that I couldn't get into.

There's also the 2011 Jazz Grammy Nominations Channel, which is a startlingly different playlist from my channel or the Village Voice-inspired channel.

So, whose taste do you identify with most? The critics, me, or the NARAS? Head over to AccuJazz.com to find out.

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