Thursday, May 14, 2009

AccuJazz News: Roll-Out Continues With "Trombone Jazz"

For this week's new channel, we highlight one of the more under-appreciated jazz instruments: the trombone. Sure, "Piano Jazz" is our most popular channel (even more popular than the main channel), but I have a feeling there are a lot of folks out there who have been waiting for this one.

The trombone is probably less popular simply because there are less people playing it. And why is that, you ask? Because it's really freaking hard to play! Nonetheless, young musicians decide to take up the trombone every year, and many of them go on to unlikely careers playing it. Many of the greatest musicians and composers in jazz history have been trombonists. From Tommy Dorsey to J.J. Johnson to Steve Turre, the instrument has attracted talented, creative individuals who play in plenty of different styles.

"Trombone Jazz" has been a long time coming; I knew when I first started working at AccuRadio that it would be a necessary addition to the "Jazz by Instrument" category, and I've been adding great music to the channel's play list ever since. If you find the channel less than satisfactory on first listen (which I'm pretty sure will not be the case), please come back and listen again on Monday, when a new update including about 600 more songs will have gone through.

The channel provides an education in the history of jazz trombone, from the early swing trombone of Dickie Wells and Jack Teagarden to the bebop mastery of Curtis Fuller and Frank Rosolino to the creative modern sounds of Roswell Rudd, Conrad Herwig, Robin Eubanks and Jeff Albert.

A recent listening session produced a playlist including youngster Josh Roseman, Herwig, modern hard-bopper Steve Davis, and J.J. Go on and listen, and see what trombonists show up for you. Then let me know what you think right here, or via Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, or the ShoutBox on the AccuJazz homepage.

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