Friday, April 24, 2009

AccuJazz News: Roll-out continues with "Regions: New York Now"

This week's new channel, arriving just in time to actually be truthfully called "This Week's 
New Channel," is the second addition to our Regions category, and it's focused on the great music coming out of the Mecca of the jazz world, New York Ciy.  "Regions: New York Now" is dedicated to music made in New York in the last two decades because a channel that played all the music from throughout jazz history made in New York would encompass almost all of the AccuJazz music collection.

It's amazing that even with the globalization and digitization of the music industry, New York remains an essential hub of jazz music, with most all of the important modern jazz being made there.  It is undoubtedly still the center of the jazz world, with everything from cutting edge cosmopolitan jazz to straight-up hard bop to austere Avant-Garde jazz filling the city's venues every night.  Listeners will hear all of the above, and plenty more, on the new AccuJazz channel.

A recent listen to the channel produced this playlist: a track from young Japanese-born New York pianist Eri Yamamoto, a song from Wynton Marsalis' Citi Movement, a track by Dave Holland with Jack DeJohnette and Steve Coleman from Holland's Triplicate, and a song from master trombonist Conrad Herwig.  It was great listening and represented well the stylistic variation inherent in an all-NY station.

Alright, here's the part of the blog where I tell you to go listen, now!  Let me know what you think right here, or on Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, or the Shoutbox on the AccuJazz homepage.

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