Wednesday, March 25, 2009

AccuJazz News: Roll-out continues with "Third Stream"

This week's new channel highlights the hundreds of albums that fall under the category of "Third Stream," the term coined by composer Gunther Schuller to describe jazz music that
 incorporates influences from classical music.  

The channel features a surprising variety of music, from classic "jazz with
 strings" recordings by Charlie Parker and Coleman Hawkins to experimental big band arrangements by Stanton Kenton, Gil Evans and Maria Schneider.  Avant-Garde musicians like Ornette Coleman, Evan Parker and Bill Dixon have also found inspiration in classical music, as have younger cats like Brad Mehldau, David Sanchez and John Hollenbeck.

So, it's not all lush, romantic strings, and it's not all Avant-Garde noisefests.  It's both of those and a lot of other stuff in between.  Some of my favorites are the Miles Davis/Gil Evans collaborations, Abdullah Ibrahim's "African Suite," and Wynton Marsalis' "All Rise," which I saw him perform with the Chicago Symphony.  Anyone who doubts Wynton's talent oughtta check out that piece -- it is unlike anything I've ever heard.

Give the channel a listen right now and let me know what you think right here, or on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, or the ShoutBox on the AccuJazz home page.

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